Serafino Casini

1908 violin, Florence Italy

"Worked first at Campi Bisenzio, near Florence, 1899. Later established at 8 Via San Elisabetta, Florence. Not very highly finished instruments. Outline frequently too ugly to be passed over, and reminiscent of an amateur's first attempts, Model of medium flat arching, yet there seems an unhappy bulginess which destroys pure harmony of design-an obvious striving after individuality, but lacking the necessary skill to achieve it. Deep curve round the purfling and the points of the edges very decided. No remarkable ingenuity in workmanship, Scroll starts with a narrow and pinched appearance, and finishes in-artistically wide. Varnish either of brown or dark red shade, but here considerable credit may be assigned. In advertisements he acclaimed his oil varnish as Stradivari-like, and that the tone was superlatively rich. Several violins, made by him in 1912, consist of wood taken from a dismantled old church in Florence, built 400 years ago. Wood used for table is brown all through, the ribs and back being of a narrow-flamed native maple. Tone quality has a favourable sway on our opinion. Violas and cellos largely used by orchestral players."

-William Henley,  Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Maker