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Gaetano Pollastri

1936 violin, Bologna Italy

"Gaetano, Augusto's younger brother,was a professional violinist but after the first world war he devoted himself to violin making. He worked with the same company as his brother in via Castiglione that was devoted to the construction, repair and commerce of string instruments. In 1927 he received the Certificate of Honour at the contemporary violin making exhibition- competition in Cremona. When Augusto died in 1927 he took over his brother's company. In the following twenty years Gaetano constructed numerous instruments of which, in 1930, a violin with papal coat of arms that he personally donated to Pope Pious XI. He also restored precious violins; a Stradivari and a Guarneri of Guglielmo Marconi brother's property, Alfonso. He won the Certificate of Honour in Cremona in ' 49. In 1954 he showed two violins at the 2nd National Competition of Contemporary violin making in Rome, obtaining a Certificate of Honour, and was present with his instruments at the Ascoli Piceno (' 54) and Pegli (' 56) competitions. He worked very hard to promote his profession and was a founding associate of the ANLAI.. His students include Cesare Pollastri, Franco Albanelli and Otello Bignami."

-Notes from Il Suono di Bologna - The Sound of Bologna Exhibition

"Born at Bologna 1886. Brother and pupil of Augusto. Fine reputation from 1927. Models similar to those of brother, as also the varnish..."

-William Henley,  Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Maker