Three New Viollins

by Jordan Sandqust

If your in Anchorage, I currently have one new completed violin and two that are in the early varnishing stage. Contact me if you are interested in trying out any of these instruments before I send them out of town. I'll try to get some pictures up in the near future.

Photo Galleries

by Jordan Sandqust

Recently I have had several inquiries asking where the instrument galleries from my old site have gone. The short answer is that I do plan on bringing most of them back but they need to be reformatted for the new site design. I have always enjoyed sharing resources for  personal use as long as they aren't being repurposed in commercial settings, or used in public displays including other websites. I'm looking at you Cozio, i don't appreciate that.

Violin Society of America 40th annual convention

by Jordan Sandqust

UPDATE: I had to cancel going to the convention this year for family medical reasons.

It's a competition year for the Violin Society of America, it also happens to be the 40th year anniversary of the convention as well as the 20th competition year. It is being held at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel, November 11-16. It's been almost a decade since the last convention I attended so I particularly look forward to catching up with some of my colleagues and classmates this year. And if you are one of those colleagues that I don't know, please introduce yourself if our paths happen to cross. Violin makers are not typically known for their extroverted natures.


I tend to tinker

by Jordan Sandqust

Since this is a fresh face for my website it is likely to go through some growing pains, some major and some minor. Do not be alarmed, please be patient, take a deep breath while you refresh the page as it's likely to have changed.


tinker | ˈtɪŋkəә |
1. (especially in former times) a person who makes a living by travelling from place to place mending pans and other metal utensils. • Brit., chiefly derogatory a Gypsy or other person living in an itinerant community.
2. Brit. informal a mischievous child.
3. an act of attempting to repair something.
verb [ no obj. ]
attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way: he spent hours tinkering with the car.
PHRASES: not give a tinker's curse (or cuss or damn ) informal not care at all.
DERIVATIVES: tinkerer noun
ORIGIN: Middle English (first recorded in Anglo-Latin as a surname): of unknown origin
- British Oxford Dictionary